• Highly concentrated to remove all chemical buildup!
  • Removes metallic ions and hard water residue!
  • Opens up the hair shaft so strands are more receptive to the Original Protein Therapy Treaments.
  • Changes the life of your hair by smoothing and sealign the hair shaft!
  • Creates a shiny, luxurous texture by eleimating frizz. 
  • Combination of Keratin and other proteins tha work together to straighten your hair the helthy way!
  • Specially formulated to prolong the effects of the Original Protein Therapy Treatment.
  • Continuesously renews and provides Keratins and proteins to the hair on a daily basis.
  • Sulfate free!


  • Smooths and repairs the hair!
  • Restructures cortex of the hair!
  • Immediately visible results!
  • Adds shine and silkiness to hair!
  • Protects from heat and environmental damage!
  • Non-greasy forumale for soft, touchable hair!




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