Protein Therapy Daily Shampoo

This formula is the recommended follow-up shampoo for all treatments. It has been specially formulated to work in combination with all the Protein Therapy Formulas to continuously replenish the keratin protein to the hair on a daily basis. It does not contain sulfates or sodium chloride, so it does not strip the treatment from the hair. Other products on the market claiming to work with keratin treatments have not been specially formulated to work with the Protein Therapy Formula. Results can only be guaranteed if the Protein Therapy Sulfate Free Shampoo Formula is used.


For best results, use in combination with the Protein Therapy  Conditioner. 



Contains: Aloe Vera,  Keratin,  Silk Protein, Rice Protein, Soy Protein, Panthenol,  Lavender Oil, and Cinnamon.


Daily Shampoo available in one size 12 oz.

For professional & personal use.